English Race rules





The XXXIV edition of the Half Marathon Ciudad de Valladolid will take place on Sunday, September 24, 2023. The race is included in the regional calendar of the Castilla y León Athletics Federation.

The race will start at 10:00 AM with the starting point on Miguel Íscar Street and the finish line at Paseo Central del Campo Grande.

(Note: The start times and location may be subject to changes due to organizational requirements).



This race is open to all runners, whether federated or not, who are 18 years old or older on the day of the race (born before September 24, 2005).



Registrations will be exclusively done through the online platform selected by the Organization, which will be available on the official race website www.mediamaratonvalladolid.com.

Registrations are personal and non-transferable, and will be limited to 1,800 participants.




There are three registration deadlines:

  1. a) From the opening of registrations until July 31: €18.
  2. b) From August 1 to September 3: €20.
  3. c) From September 4 to September 17: €25.


There will be no on-site registrations on the day of the race.

*Registrations cannot be transferred to future editions.



The registration fee will only be refunded upon presenting a medical certificate of injury via email to atletaspopularesvalladolid@gmail.com.

Deadline: September 9, 2023. Refund processing fee: €5.



Registrations are considered final once completed. A change of registration holder may be allowed in case of force majeure, provided a medical certificate proving injury or illness is provided.


The deadline for transferring the registration to another participant is September 9, 2023. The procedure is to send an email to atletaspopularesvalladolid@gmail.com with the details of the registered runner and the details of the new runner. The new runner will receive a confirmation email once successfully registered.


(NOTE: The subject line of the email should read «Transfer of Registration for Half Marathon»).



At the time of registration, participants have the option to purchase cancellation insurance, which ensures a full refund of the registration fee.



There will be accident insurance as well as liability insurance to cover possible damages resulting from a sports accident, provided it is not due to a latent condition, reckless behavior, violation of laws, etc. Cases occurring during travel to/from the race venue are also excluded. 

All participants must be aware of and strictly follow the accident reporting and notification protocols communicated by the organization via email or announcement on the website. The organization is not responsible for any medical expenses incurred outside of the described action protocols.


It is strictly prohibited to participate in the race with leashed or unleashed animals.


According to Article 144 of the RIA (Race Regulations), it is not allowed to run accompanied by non-participating individuals, whether on foot or in any type of vehicle, or to carry children in arms or strollers. Running with animals, carts, or any unauthorized device not approved by the Organization is also prohibited. This prohibition applies throughout the race and particularly at the finish line. Non-compliance may result in disqualification by the Race Referee.


Runners who are not registered or run without a bib number will not be admitted to the race in order to protect the rights of duly registered participants.



By registering, all participants accept these regulations. For matters not covered in these regulations, the rules of the IAAF, the Spanish Athletics Federation, and the Castilla y León Athletics Federation shall apply.


Any participant with health issues is obligated to notify the Organization in writing in advance, including their name, contact phone number, and health condition, which will be recorded on their bib number.


It is recommended that participants be in good physical condition for the race, and it is advised to undergo a medical check-up prior to participation, acknowledging the risks associated with sports activities.



The collection of bib numbers and the runner’s bag will take place exclusively on September 22 and 23 at the designated location and times indicated on the website www.mediamaratonvalladolid.com.

On the day of the race, bib numbers cannot be collected, except for participants who are not registered residents of Valladolid. To collect the bib number, the interested participant must present their ID card (DNI) and the registration certificate. If someone else collects the bib number on behalf of the participant, a photocopy of their ID card and a signed authorization from the participant is required.

Timing will be carried out using a computer system and chips provided by the Organization. No other chips or devices other than those provided will be valid.


There will be timing checkpoints at the start and finish lines, as well as at other designated points along the route.

Any complaints regarding timing must be addressed exclusively to the race timer in writing within 30 minutes after the official publication of the results.



The organization will provide a cloakroom service area near the finish line where runners can deposit their belongings. The organization is not responsible for the items deposited in the cloakroom. 

The bag drop-off will be available within the designated timeframe, which will be communicated in advance.



There is a maximum time of 2 hours 15 minutes to complete the race: 32 minutes at the 5 km mark, 1 hour 4 minutes at the 10 km mark, and 1 hour 36 minutes at the 15 km mark. Any runner exceeding these time limits at the respective checkpoints will be considered out of the race and will be advised to discontinue.



The course will pass through the main streets of the city, covering a distance of 21.097 meters in a 2-loop circuit. Due to the low elevation, the course can be considered completely flat.


Only authorized vehicles designated by the Organization will be allowed to follow the race, and they will be properly identified. Following runners on motorcycles, bicycles, or any other personal mobility device is strictly prohibited and will result in removal by the Local Police or Organization members.


There will be refreshment stations at the 5 km, 10 km, 15 km, and 20 km marks, all of them providing fluids.

It is IMPORTANT to dispose of all waste in the designated containers provided for this purpose. REMEMBER, NEVER ON THE GROUND! Stepping on a bottle or cup could cause slipping and potentially injure other runners.



The Organization will provide the necessary medical services to assist runners during the race.






18 to 34 years old

Vet -35

35 to 39 years old

Vet -40

40 to 44 years old

Vet -45

45 to 49 years old

Vet -50

50 to 54 years old

Vet -55

55 to 59 years old

Vet -60

60 to 64 years old

Vet -65

65 years old and above


Ages must be reached by the date of the competition, September 24, 2023.








425 €*

425 €*

275 €*

275 €*

125 €*

125 €*

100 €*

100 €*

75 €*

75 €*

* Cash prizes: It is essential to present ID/passport 

(subject to corresponding income tax retention). 

TROPHIES (Not cumulative)


  • Overall: Top 3 male/female finishers


  • Categories: Top 3 male/female finishers

To receive awards and trophies, it is necessary to attend the award ceremony in person. Prizes will not be kept, and no claims will be accepted after the ceremony. Additionally, winners must prove their identity with their ID card, passport, or similar document.

Unclaimed trophies and prizes will be considered forfeited and cannot be claimed after the award ceremony has concluded.

Claims regarding the rankings must be made orally to the Race Referee and timing team no later than 30 minutes after the official results have been announced.



By registering and starting the race, all participants accept these regulations and the current rules regarding popular races and road races of IAAF and RFEA.



Runners will be disqualified if they:

  • Do not pass through the established checkpoints.
  • Do not complete the entire course.
  • Alter or conceal the advertising on the bib number.
  • Use another participant’s bib number or chip assigned by the organization.
  • Do not wear the original bib number assigned for this edition.
  • Do not visibly display the bib number at any time during the race.
  • Do not follow the instructions of the referees and/or Organization staff.

Disqualified athletes will lose all eligibility for trophies and will be removed from the rankings, in which they will not appear.



Once you cross the finish line, you will enter the safety zone, a fenced area designated exclusively for participants. In this area, you will receive your well-deserved Finisher medal, have the opportunity to refresh yourself with water, and enjoy the refreshments provided at the finish line.


Medical services will also be present in this zone to assist you, including a massage area for post-race recovery and the retrieval of your bag from the cloakroom.



If the health situation or other circumstances of force majeure require the cancellation of the race or a reduction in the number of participants, affected runners will be refunded the registration fee (minus administrative costs). In the case of a reduction in the number of registrations, participation rights will be associated with the order of registration, with priority given to the first registered participants.

Any changes, due to force majeure, to the course, date and/or race schedule, or the total or partial cancellation of the event and/or supplementary events, do not entitle participants to a refund of the registration fee.

In the event of a date change for the event, the organization will retain the registration for the new date for all registered participants. Under no circumstances will refunds of the registration fee be issued.



In accordance with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, on the Protection of Personal Data, we inform you that the personal data collected through registration for this competition will be included in a file. The purpose of collecting this data is to carry out registration and results management tasks, as well as to provide information about sponsors and collaborators of the event. You may direct your communications and exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation, and opposition via email: inscripciones@runvasport.es. Furthermore, in accordance with sports, promotional, and distribution interests.

By the mere act of registering, the participant declares the following: «I am in optimal health condition to participate in the race. Furthermore, I release the Organization, sponsors, and other participating institutions from any liability for any accident or injury that I may suffer before, during, and/or after the sporting event, and I hereby waive any legal action against any of these entities. During the course of the competition, I will contribute as much as possible to the Organization to prevent personal accidents.


Acceptance of this regulation obligatorily implies that the participant authorizes the event organizers to fully or partially record their participation in it and agrees that their image may be used for the promotion and dissemination of the event in all its forms (radio, press, video, photo, DVD, internet, posters, media, etc.) and grants their data for the publication of event results, as well as all rights related to their commercial and advertising exploitation that they consider appropriate to execute, without the right to receive any financial compensation.